Virus Removal

Looking for someone who removes computer virus’s & malware in Pittsburgh?

In this day and age, viruses are all over the internet, and virus removal is a critical service. The intent of hackers is to steal your data, your contact list, your bank and credit card information, user names and passwords or even your complete identity. Your computer is eventually rendered useless.

At Answer Computers we will remove the virus and take every measure to save your data. Other shops might “wipe clean” your hard drive and reload it back to the original operating system instead of just removing the virus. By doing that, they will also delete all of your files, photos, etc! We do that as a last resort. At Answer Computer we make every effort to save your data before resorting to such tactics, and 99% of the time we can make that happen for you!


“I have antivirus software installed on my PC. Why did I get a virus?”


Unfortunately even if you have an antivirus software installed on your computer, you can still get a virus. Did you know that when you open an attachment or click on a pop-up, you are over-riding the anti-virus program and giving permission to open the harmful file? As hard as the anti-virus programmers are trying to keep up with the latest and newest viruses, it can take time to update their software, as a result a new virus may not be caught right away.


“Why is my computer so slow?”


Other issues can cause your computer to run slow:

  • malware
  • system errors
  • fragmented memory
  • too many processes running
  • hardware upgrade is needed to handle today’s programs & internet

No matter what is causing your computer to run slow, our goal is to optimize your PC and restore it’s functionality without sacrificing your data.

With Answer Group, you can rest assured knowing that our virus removal services and PC optimization will help restore your computer to like-new standards. Call us at 412-429-3231 or stop in today!