Your Network Security is Our Priority

What is Network Security?

Network Security is crucial when it comes to protecting your data and network from intrusions, breaches and other threats. Hardware and software solutions, network configurations, rules of use and accessibility are all part of the big picture.

Creating an infrastructure with multiple layers of protection for devices, applications and users is a must in today’s ever-changing world.

Networking Security

Do you have an IT Crisis-Response Plan?

Protect your organization’s data and IT infrastructure by Partnering with the team at ANSWERGROUP.NET, Inc. In this day and age network security is not a want, it’s a must! We can help you develop and implement your emergency plan.

Our Network Security Solutions are built firmly on Three Pillars of IT Protection:


Backing up your data is a proactive measure that includes securely storing duplicate data and practicing restoration, so you are prepared in the event your data becomes compromised or lost. Data Backups should be redundant, in multiple locations, incremental, and on different media with up-to-date technologies.


Monitoring IT activity 24/7 inside and outside the walls of your organization is vital. With employees working remotely, using mobile devices on home and unknown networks, monitoring is vital to your data’s security.


As you lock the door of your office and engage security alarms, so is it important to secure the perimeter around your IT Infrastructure. Careful planning of your network and the use of advanced technologies like Multi Factor Authentication, and password managers are essential to assuring your data remains secure.

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