IT Support for Housing Authorities works closely with several housing agencies maintaining the computer infrastructure that their management systems operate on, helping them meet their security and compliance requirements, and providing insight and budget friendly plans for expansion and change.

Our technical team is responsive and competent. Your management personnel will appreciate their knowledge, skill, and professionalism in planning projects and accomplishing them on target. Your staff will appreciate their quick response and friendly demeanor when resolving PC issues, onboarding new hires, setting up email on cell phones, or assisting with smaller tasks like locating a file, reviewing a suspect email, etc.

In instances such as internet service upgrades or outages, phone or camera system installations, etc. we communicate with, assist and monitor third party providers to be sure their services interface seamlessly with your network and firewalls.

Our services include Network Configuration & Maintenance, Office 365, Remote Office, Security, Compliance, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Email Archiving, Remote Support and Onsite Visits, etc.

When it’s time for a review of your computer and IT systems and budget, we invite your call.
We would be happy to discuss your current situation and how we might be of service.

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