New & Custom Built PCs

“One Size Fits All” vs “ANSWER GROUP” CUSTOM PC

Manufactures mass produce large quantities of a specific configuration of PC. They produce a one-size-fits-all solution for the average user that are distributed far and wide to local “box” stores where they sit on the shelf waiting for a buyer. At the store, the consumer may be given many choices, but each may fall short in in fulfilling his/her requirements. One model may have lot of RAM but not enough Hard Drive space for all your file storage. You may need a larger faster hard drive, a better video card, or more memory.

Brand name manufactures build their PC’s with parts that are not necessarily interchangeable with standard PC’s making you reliant on them for future repairs or upgrades. If you do run into a hardware problem you may be down a significant time shipping your PC to the manufacturer and waiting for its return. The concern for your data on the hard drive is another consideration.

The brand name PC’s also come pre-loaded with “bloatware” that slows the system down and advertising that tends to pop-up when you’re trying to concentrate. Consider also that the PC has been in the box since its manufacture date. This means when you unpack it and are ready to enjoy the new PC experience, you’ll be disappointed sitting and waiting hours for the backlog of Microsoft updates to install.

We’ve been Building powerful Custom PC’s for over 25 years.

We take the time to find out how you will be using your new PC, and help you direct your investment toward a configuration that makes sense for your current needs and for future growth. You’ll have the choice of single or multiple hard drives, standard SATA hard drives or the new SSD for faster processing. You can choose the processor speed, and amount of memory. Perhaps decide on 16 GB memory now and budget for 32 GB later. Will you be connecting to a network at home, or logging into work remotely? These are all considerations. What about monitors? We can configure your PC to handle multiple monitors if you work with many documents or programs simultaneously.

Not only is your hardware chosen to best suit you, but your PC will come with current Microsoft updates installed, with no bloatware, and it will be configured for your specific use. We can even transfer your files from your old PC to the new one, and at your option install your old hard drive to a USB enclosure for your use as backup. When you turn your PC on, you’ll experience a productive, enjoyable computing experience, and perhaps the Best Part… you’ll KNOW your PC manufacturer!

Answer Group will be there to get you started, to answer questions along the way, and to keep your PC running smoothly and serving Your Needs!